RedStar Series

The RedStar Infrared Conveyor Dryers are designed and manufactured by Ranar for Screen Printing industry, but have a wide range of industrial drying and curing applications. Designed to cure plastisol quickly and efficiently on t-shirts, nylon jackets, jerseys, sweats, and many other garments. We use the highest quality electric infrared panels, which are adjustable in height 2 to 7 inches. By utilizing all quality components throughout the dryer, this insures maximum energy efficiency, reliability and high production rates. Backed by a strong warranty, which makes our dryers, the best value for the dollar. The RedStar Series dryer, is featured in Automatic Screen printing equipment shop package. Industrial Process Drying and Curing applications handled by our RedStar series, include plastic decorating, Ad specialty, pad printing, and screen printing. Products such as glass, plastic, metal, ceramics, electronic circuit boards, and solar cell can be easily dried or cured. Electric infrared radiant panels are the preferred choice, for these applications.


  • Multiple Heat panel system with Element indicator lights.
  • Fully adjustable heat panel height
  • Modular conveyor system
  • Control Panel w/swivel
  • Fully Insulated heat chamber for max efficiency
  • All digital solid state controls of heaters
  • Accurate and variable belt speed
  • High Performance IR panels insure high production rates with reduced energy costs.
  • 3-2-1 Factory warranty
  • Powered Exhaust system
  • Available in single phase or 3 phase 240VAC power.
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