Pad Print Dryer (DP) Series

Our Pad Print Dryer is the perfect solution for quick and efficient curing of pad printed inks and two part inks. It can be used in thousands of applications, from the small decorator to large production automotive applications, the DP series dryers really shine. It features adjustable temperature and belt speed settings for maximum control and flexibility and is designed to fit a variety of production line configurations. It is also equipped with an efficient passive air system to ensure that prints are properly dried and cured. The combination of direct radiant heat with air passing thru holes engineered into the panel onto the part, provides hot air that insures curing of pad print inks and coating processes. Additionally, the dryer is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. With its superior performance and durability, this dryer is the perfect addition to any screen printing setup.


  • Small desktop curing solution
  • Long-Life High Temp Teflon Fiberglass Conveyor Belt
  • Variable heat control
  • Variable belt speed
  • Adjustable panel height
  • Fully insulated oven
  • Direct airflow through panel
  • Legs and casters
  • 3-2-1 warranty
  • 40″ total length
  • Hi temp belt
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