CureStar Series

The CureStar Infrared Conveyor Dryer, is the most affordable and economical 8′ dryer for the silk screen printing market. Ranar offers many features that other manufacturers charge extra for, such as a quality solid state heat control, adjustments for temperature, panel height, gates, and belt speed. These make setting up different applications on this conveyor dryer a snap. Crowned rollers for easy belt tracking and a 24”inch wide belt, allows Silk Screened garments printed with plastisol ink such as t-shirts, jackets, sweats, hoodies, and jerseys to be cured with ease.


  • Panel Height adjustment 4-7 inches off belt
  • Solid State Heat Control 0-1000 degrees
  • Fully insulated to keep heat where it belongs
  • Low power consumption
  • 24X24 high performance heat panel
  • Exhaust vent opening
  • Solid state belt speed control
  • Designed for Plastisol inks
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