XPO Series

The affordable Ranar XPO Series screen exposure allow you to produce the best possible screen images while increasing production. The XPO-series screen printing exposure units are designed to provide the best value in the market for any size t-shirt printing shop. The XPO series allows an operator to expose images with high output, unfiltered UV Fluorescent bulbs fast with the finest detail, produce multi-color screen printed designs with fine lines or halftones used in four color process with quality film positives, and expose emulsions such as dual cure, diazo, photopolymers, and capillary film commonly used in the textile, graphics, and ad specialty printing industries. Expected exposure times range from 20 seconds to 1.5 minutes (photopolymers).


  • Instant Start Electronic Ballast
  • High Output UV Black light fluorescent bulbs
  • Energy efficient
  • Optimized UV Light
  • Safety Switch
  • Amber Viewing Lights
  • Digital Timer
  • Manual/Automatic Switches
  • Vacuum Hold Down
  • Vacuum Blanket
  • Gas Shock Assisted Lid
  • Floor and Table Top Models
SKUScreen SizeScreen Capacity120 VoltsStarting At
XPO-242624" x 26"1$2025
XPO-233123" x 31"1$2325
XPO-284828" x 48"1$3275
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