Screen Drying Cabinet

Screen drying cabinets are designed for the screen printing shops pre-press or dark room. Making screens is the most critical part of the t-shirt and graphics of screen printing process. Proper drying of liquid emulsion or capillary films in a dark environment, and the prevention of contaminates, such as dust, dirt, and lint is important to reduce pin holes and image resolution. Ranar offers two models, the SD-2331, and the SD-2848. Screen drying cabinets offer storage to place for your screen frames. To speed the process Ranar Manufacturing has designed, a sealed cabinet air system which picks up moisture and exhausts it. This is done by taking room temperature air thru a filter, warming it with a heater which has a variable control and digital thermometer to monitor the cabinet’s interior temperature. Emulsion manufacturers recommend drying screen printing emulsion at temperatures of 90F to 100F degrees with 50% humidity. A blower moves the warmed evenly air across the frames horizontally eliminating build up of excess moisture, this air is then exhausted.

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