Ranar Revolutionizes Textile Dryer Selection for Screen Printers

As highlighted in Impressions Magazine’s article “Textile Dryer Basics for Screen Printing,” choosing the right textile dryer in the decorated apparel industry is crucial and involves three key factors: selecting a reputable equipment manufacturer, aligning the purchase with the shop’s production capabilities, and investing in a dryer with room for future growth.

The conveyor dryer holds a paramount position in a screen-printing shop, as emphasized by industry professionals. No matter how advanced the screen-printing press may be, if the dryer fails to keep pace with production, it jeopardizes the entire process. Ensuring proper curing of ink on garments requires selecting a dryer of appropriate size for the job.

Determining the optimal oven length entails simple calculations based on ink manufacturer recommendations and production needs. By assessing how many garments fit into the oven section at a time and multiplying this by the desired drying cycles per hour, printers can gauge their production capacity accurately.

For instance, a 6-foot oven section accommodating six shirts at a time for a one-minute drying cycle can produce 60 garments per hour. To meet higher production demands, upgrading to a wider oven section or belt can be advantageous, providing flexibility, especially with larger-sized garments.

Speeding up the dryer belt to match production demands is a common mistake among screen printers, leading to improper ink curing and potential customer dissatisfaction. Emphasizing the importance of selecting the right dryer size and capacity to ensure consistent quality and avoid revenue loss due to returned products.

To excel in screen printing, it’s essential to prioritize the selection of a suitable textile dryer, considering factors like equipment manufacturer reputation, production capabilities, and future growth prospects.

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