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Home Business Kit


Home Business Screen Printing Kit

Start a home business with our screen printing kit. This kit has everything you need to get started making money by silk screen printing t-shirts up to 4 colors. The P-4400 entry level silk screen printing press comes with 4 colors and 4 stations and produces quality multi color prints. Make your own screen designs with CBX-2024 screen image burner with fluorescent UV light. You can cure the printed ink with flash cure unit the D-162.

DVD Screen Printing Training in A box

It is relatively simple to learn the screen printing process with the detailed DVD training tutorial that covers all aspects of the screen printing process with tip and tricks. We included a set of silk screening supplies to get started.

  • P-4400 entry level screen printing press 4 colors 4 stations
  • CBX-2024 Screen image burner
  • D-162 Flash cure unit
  • JR. Supplies Package- 6 screens, 4 squeegees, 6 qts of plastisol ink,1 qt emulsion,1 qt emulsion remover, 1 qt ink cleaner, 1 emulsion spreader,1 spray tack, 50 sheets inkjet film, 50 test print pellons, 1 qt degreaser, 1 spray screen opener, 4 ink scoops, 1 screen masking vinyl tape, instructional Training DVD