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Garage Kit


Home Garage Screen Printing kit

T-shirt printing is a growing industry with low initial startup costs and a fast return of money invested. Start a home business in your garage screen printing t-shirts, baseball cap, jackets, and hoodies. You can also print ad specialty products such as cozies, signs, anything flat with the appropriate ink. We make it easy to learn with an intensive step by step DVD on all aspects of screen printing from artwork to printing t-shirt to properly curing ink on the garment.

Perfect For Onsite Screen Printing

This table top screen printing press is portable and can be used for onsite screen printing at special events, county fairs, car shows.

Garage kit Setup

P-405BT- 4 color table top screen printing press
D-162 - Flash Dryer
CBX-2024 -Screen Exposure Unit
Econo Supplies Package - 4 aluminum screen frames, 4 squeegees, 4 qts of plastisol ink, 1 qt of emulsion, 1 qt emulsion remover, 1 qt citrus ink cleaner, 1 can spray tack, 10 sheets of ink jet film, roll of vinyl screen masking tape, DVD tutorial Set.