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Entrepreneur Kit


Entrepreneur Screen Printing Kit

This package is for the entrepreneur looking to start a t-shirt printing business or silk screening samples for your new clothing line. This silk screen printing kit allows you create custom screen printing designs easily with great detail on t-shirts, clothing, bags, shorts and signs. The P405BT table top t-shirt printing press can screen print 4 color designs on many flat substrates. The 2 moving pallets allow you to alternate a t-shirt under the infrared spot dryer to flash or cure while printing on the other station. The CBX2024 econo exposure unit is used to burn a design image on photo emulsion. The basic flash dryer is use to heat set the plastisol ink after it is printed on a garment. Go from concept to a final product and print multi color t-shirt within a couple of hours. We have a simple yet inexpensive solution to getting you started silk screen printing with machines, DVD training, and supplies.

Silk Screen Printing Machines

  • P-4200BT 4 color 2 station table rotary silk screen press
  • D-162 Infrared flash cure unit
  • CBX-2024 Entry level screen exposure unit
  • Econo Supplies packages: 4 screen frames, 4 squeegees, 4 qts of plastisol ink, 1 qt of photo emulsion, 1 qt emulsion remover, 1 emulsion spreader, 1 spray tack, 10 sheets of inkjet film, 1 roll of screen masking tape, DVD training set.