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Silk screening for fun and profit

T-shirt printing is the fastest growing hobby or home business opportunity. There are limitless possibilities for silk screening for fun and profit, with a hobby or side business such as t-shirt printing. Sports teams, small businesses, and non-profit organizations can all benefit from silk screen printing. You could be the entrepreneur providing screen printing services for them.

T-shirt printing equipment kit

Your t-shirt printing equipment kit includes a basic silk screen exposure light, P205BT t-shirt printing press, D162 flash dryer for curing ink, a set of silk screening supplies, lifetime technical support and instructional materials to get you started. Upgrades for this package are two additional colors and DX200 t-shirt dryer.

On site t-shirt printing

This t-shirt printing package is perfect for on site screen printing such as country fairs, car shows, special events.

Silk screening supplies- screen printing kits

If you are considering one of the silkscreening supplies kits, the SPHO or the econo2 color screen print kit or the Entry Level Shop Package consider instead the versatility and value of the affordable Ranar t-shirt kits. We offer superior quality, a more complete silk screening package. It is outstanding in performance and upgradability and comes with Ranar's lifetime support.

Production Rate 12 Shirts Per Hour

1. P205 2 color 1 station bench top press

2. D162 110 volt Flash cure

3. Basic halogen exposure light 110 volt

4. Hobby supplies package

  • 2 Aluminum screens
  • 2 Qt plastisol ink
  • 2 Squeegees
  • 1 Qt ink cleaner
  • 1 Pk inkjet film (10pcs)
  • 1 Qt emulsion remover
  • 1 Can adhesive spray
  • 1 Emulsion spreader
  • 1 Pint emulsion remover
  • 1 Instructional DVD

P205 2 color 1 station bench top press

D162 110 volt Flash cure

Basic Halogen Exposure Light 110 volt

Hobby Supplies Package

Package Price$1,165.00*
Add DX-200 Dryer and 2 lifts (upgrade to 4 color)+2000.00
*Shipping not included. Packages ship UPS. Assembly required.