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Manual Screen Printing Shop Package 2

This screen printing shop package includes all the essential screen printing machinery needed to start printing t-shirt and garments. The machines in this shop package are the entry level V6100 six color one station press can be upgraded with an extra fixed station or rotating stations. The D-162 flash dryer 16X16’’ will flash cure under base silk screened inks. The black light fluorescent screen exposure unit XPO-2426, which has vacuum, draws down the rubber blanket so the film and screen frame are flat to the glass and produce high quality detailed stencils. The washout sink provides a clean and efficient way for reclaiming screens after they have been used. The high production CS-4000 Curestar conveyor dryer is more than capable of curing plastisol ink up to 220 t-shirt per hour.


  • V-6100
  • Xpo-2426
  • D-162
  • CS-4000
  • Washout sink
  • Cruiser Supplies Package

Upgrade Options:

  • #1- four rotary stations
  • #2- film output system
  • #3- washout booth
  • #4- six colors

Cruiser Supplies Package:

  • 1 Gallon All-Tex FF White plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Black plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Ultra Blue plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Scarlet Red plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Lime Green plastisol ink
  • 1 Quart All-Tex Lemon Yellow plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon Saati Textile PV Photopolymer emulsion
  • 1 Franmar Textile Eco Friendly Starter kit
  • 10 Aluminum Screen Printing Frames 20"x24"
  • 14" Wood Squeegees
  • 2 Gallon Ink Scoops
  • 4 Quart Ink Scoops
  • 16" Aluminum Scoop Coater
  • 1 Pack White Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack Black Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack 8.5"x11" Ink Jet Film (100pcs)
  • 2 Cans Spray Tack Adhesive
  • 1 Can Screen Mesh Opener
  • 1 Roll Screen Tape
  • 1 Temperature Gun
  • 1 Training DVD