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Home Starter Kit

Silk screening for fun and profit

T-shirt printing is the fastest growing hobby or home business opportunity. There are limitless possibilities for silk screening for fun and profit, with a hobby or side business such as t-shirt printing. Sports teams, small businesses, and non-profit organizations can all benefit from silk screen printing. You could be the entrepreneur providing screen printing services for them.

Screen Printing Starter Kit

Learn to screen print using this Home Starter Kit specifically designed with beginners, hobby printers, part timers and curious spirits in mind. The Home Starter Kit includes the P205 2 color 1 station table top press, a Basic Screen Exposure Light and a small Starter Supplies Package that will allow you to exposure your screens stencils, make 1 or 2 color prints with easy to clean air dry water based ink.

Ideal for Kids

Small and affordable, this kit is perfect for artistically inclined kids looking for a fun hobby. Kids can learn to print their own designs on t-shirts and also get an early lesson on making money and running a business. All this from the comfort of home!

Not only will this kit take up a small footprint in your garage or extra room, but also on your wallet.

Low Price Great Quality

Unlike other t-shirt printing presses which sacrifice quality for price, the P-205 is made using the same quality steel construction as the full sized professional floor models and its quality will hold up to the test of time. The P205 press will allow you continue printing shirts well past the beginner stage without missing a beat.

1. P110 Bench Top Printer

2. D-162BT Bench Top Flash Cure

3. Basic Halogen Exposure Light 110 volt

4. Starter Supplies Package

  • 2 - QT Plastisol screen printing ink
  • 2 - Aluminum screen frames
    20" X 24" 110 mesh
  • 1 - 14" Wood Squeegee
  • 1 - Emulsion spreader (plastic)
  • 1 - QT Photo emulsion
  • 1 - PT Emulsion remover
  • 1 - Pkg (10pcs) 8.5" X 11"
    waterproof inkjet film

P110 Bench Top Printer

D-162BT Bench Top Flash Cure

Basic Halogen Exposure Light 110 volt

Starter Supplies Package

Package Price$749.99*
*Shipping not included. Packages ship UPS. Assembly required.