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Screen Printing Small Business Package

Take your small business up to the next level with screen printing equipment. This machinery allows you to screen print professional quality designs up to 6 colors on t-shirts, ad specialty or promotional products. Take a concept to full print in as little as a 1 hr. This small business package has a professional grade screen printing press the V-6400 which has 6 colors and 4 rotating stations. To make screen images the CBX-2024 beginner exposure unit uses UV black fluorescent lights on light sensitive emulsion coated screens. The kit comes with a flash dryer that uses heat to sets plastisol ink to the garment. You can shorten the learning curve easy with tips and techniques from the 3 hr DVD set on how to screen print. The DVD goes into great detail from start to finish. The screen printing equipment can be set up within a few hours and ready to print in an afternoon. You also receive life time tech support from Ranar for as long as you own the equipment.


  • Washout booth option, used to rinse out the screen image after exposure.
  • Epson inkjet printer option, used to output films to burn screen stencils.
  • Conveyor dryer option, add the DX-100 conveyor dryer to this package and have production capacity to print and cure up to 100 t-shirts per hour.
  • Air flash dryer option, The DA-1616 air flash aids the drying of water based inks, so the infrared conveyor dryer can set the pigment to the t-shirt or garment.

Screen Printing Machines:

  • V-6400 Screen Printing Press
  • CBX-2024 Screen Exposure unit
  • D162 Flash Dryer
  • JR. Supplies Package- 6 screens, 4 squeegees, 6 quarts of plastisol ink,1 qt emulsion,1 qt. emulsion remover, 1 qt ink cleaner, 1 emulsion spreader,1 spray tack, 50 sheets inkjet film, 50 test print pellons, 1 qt degreaser, 1 spray screen opener, 4 ink scoops, 1 screen masking vinyl tape, instructional Training DVD


  • #1- Washout Booth - Add $475.00
  • #2- Epson Inkjet Printer - Add $1495.00
  • #3- DX-100 Conveyor Dryer - Add $1550.00
  • #4- DA-1616 Air Flash Dryer - Add $895.00