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Pro 2 Pkg


Premium Screen Printing Shop Pro-Package 2

The Pro-2 premium screen printing shop package includes everything you need to start a manual production t-shirt printing operation. You can rest assured that the heavy duty 8 color 4 station screen printing press can handle the work load. The E-8400 can even be upgraded to 8 stations after purchase. To cure inks we have a D-1820 spot dryer to flash cure inks on dark garments, and the CS-6000 conveyor dryer for final curing. The CS-6000 dryer has a wide 36" belt and is 8ft long conveyor capable of producing approximately over 300 pieces per hour.

We have included a complete darkroom and pre-press equipment setup to compliment your screen printing operation. Starting with Xpo-2331, SD-2331 exposure unit, and screen drying cabinet combo, the screen dryer stores emulsion coated screen frames in a light safe environment. The screen dryer has heated air that circulates to speed emulsion dry times. A coated screen can be stored inside the screen dryer below, while having the exposure unit on top, allows the user to have a screen ready to use at a moment notice. We include a screen storage rack and a job cart to stage jobs with inks, screens, and all the necessary supplies in one place. Both the screen rack and job cart come with caster wheels to allow for mobility around the shop. Included is also an inkjet printer to output films to burn screen images into emulsions. The washout booth has back lighting to aid in rinsing out screen images after exposure. The Dip tank is used to reclaim or recycle screen images.

  • E8400 Elite Pro-Series 8 Color 4 Station Press
  • XPO2331 / SD2331 Exposure Unit/Screen Dryer Combo
  • D1820 Infrared Flash Cure
  • CS6000 36" Belt Infrared Conveyor Dryer
  • Back Light Washout Booth
  • Job Cart
  • Screen Rack
  • Inkjet Film Output System
  • Pro Supplies Package


  • #1- DT422-3 (Add $2000.00) Turbo JetStar Conveyor Dryer for Plastisol and Water Based Inks
  • #2- 8 Station Upgrade (Add $600.00)
  • #3- LED Exposure Unit (Add $800.00) Cutting Edge LED Exposure Lights to speed exposure times
  • #4- DA1616 Air Flash (Add $220.00)

Pro 1-2 Supplies Package

  • 1 Gallon All-Tex FF White plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Black plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Ultra Blue plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Scarlet Red plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Lime Green plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Lemon Yellow plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon Saati Textile PV Photopolymer emulsion
  • 1 Franmar Eco Friendly Starter Kit
  • 8 Aluminum Screen Printing Frames 20"x24"
  • 14" Squeegees
  • 6 Gallon Ink Scoops
  • 16" Aluminum Scoop Coater
  • 1 Pack White Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack Black Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack 8.5"x11" Ink Jet Film (100pcs)
  • 2 Cans Spray Tack Adhesive
  • 2 Can Screen Mesh Opener
  • 1 Temperature Gun
  • 1 Training DVD