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Pro screen printing Equipment shop package

For the serious business individual wanting to start a t-shirt printing business look no further than the Pro Series screen printing equipment package. The Pro-shop package is an ideal kit that includes the Elite Series textile screen printing press that is design and built to last a life time. The Elite E-6600 6 color 6 station screen printing press has a large screen capacity of 26" wide and has all the tools free features a screen printer would want. Solid tubular construction, cast aluminum micro adjustments, super strong extruded aluminum screen clamp, honestly what more can you ask for? The Large screen exposure unit can handle 2-20x24 inch manual screen frames and expose both screens at a time. The XPO-2848 exposure unit has U.V. fluorescent lights has a digital timer and has fast exposure times. We have the econo-washout booth made of galvanized steel to wash out emulsion after exposure. To output films you will need to make a screen image on a film positive using the Epson 1430 with rip software, all black ink system to achieve just that.

Pro-series Screen printing equipment:

  • Elite Series E-6600
  • XPO-2848
  • D-1820
  • CS-4000
  • Econo washout booth
  • Pro-Supplies pkg.

Upgrade Options:

  • #1- four rotary stations
  • #2- film output system
  • #3- washout booth
  • #4- six colors

Pro Package 1-2 Supplies Package:

  • 1 Gallon All-Tex FF White plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Black plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Ultra Blue plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Scarlet Red plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Lime Green plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon All-Tex Lemon Yellow plastisol ink
  • 1 Gallon Saati Textile PV Photopolymer emulsion
  • 1 Franmar Eco Friendly Starter Kit
  • 8 Aluminum Screen Printing Frames 20" x 24"
  • 14" Squeegees
  • 6 Gallon Ink Scoops
  • 16" Aluminum Scoop Coater
  • 1 Pack White Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack Black Test Pellons (50pcs)
  • 1 Pack 8.5" x 11" Ink Jet Film (100pcs)
  • 2 Cans Spray Tack Adhesive
  • 2 Can Screen Mesh Opener
  • 1 Temperature Gun
  • 1 Training DVD