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Workhorse Products - Freedom Automated Tee shirt Printer

Ranar offers the Freedom series 6 color 8 station Automatic T-shirt Printing Press, manufactured by workhorse products. This compact and easy to use automatic screen printing press, is perfect for the manual shop looking to upgrade to an automatic. Increased production and more consistent quality of work, as well as reduced labor costs which translate into more profits! It's a real trooper, you can now realistically do up to 2000 tee shirts per day without sacrificing any quality. You can also add as many flash dryers as you want without sacrificing a color. The unique feature of the flashback is that you can utilize all print heads of press for silk screening. On competitors models, you lose a color when you install any flash cure unit.

Entry Level Automatic Screen Printing Press - Auto Up Grade

When upgrading to Automatic TShirt Printing Press, it can be intimidating. To insure a smooth transition, Your textile printing press is installed / setup on location by a workhorse products representative. Youll receive 2 days of on hands training to insure immediate results in your silk-screening shop. The freedom automatic press is Simple, easy to use, and fast to set up with dual micro-registration. Construction consists of welded steel plate and tubing for superior durability. The pneumatic drive and print heads are smooth and quiet. The control box swivels and there are individual print controls for each screen head, manual print buttons, water base ink mode, and a foot switch. It's easy to see on the horizon why the freedom is leader in the Screen printing industry.

Front and Rear Micro Registration
Super-responsive front and rear micro registration comes standard. Precision grid patterns provide excellent control and visibility of screen position.
On-Head Print Controls
Independent print and flood speed with front and rear pneumatic screen clamp switches. Select independent print and flood speeds for ultimate control.

Maintenance Free
Fast and easy print heads with 100% pneumatic controls, mechanical stroke-length adjustments and all access control panel, eliminates the maintenance associated with automatic machines. Our quick release floating squeegee and flood assembly provide a consistent pressure and ink deposit throughout the image area. The quick release center pin is faster and easier to use when setting up and tearing down jobs.

Our single piece design minimizes cleaning and set-up efforts. The precision "V" squeegee design also helps with uneven platens while providing trouble free operation and fewer moving parts.

All-Access Control Panel
If you have ever taken a screen to press and realized the image had been burned in the wrong place, you will see the benefit to this feature. Being able to use nearly any screen that hits the press is priceless. Foot pedal #1 operates the machine in manual mode. This helps first time users with the transition into automation. Foot pedal #2 is used for the missed shirt feature to help minimize waste.

FlashBack Compatible
The patented FlashBack is the only system on the market that allows you to print, flash, and cool all at one station. This means a six color printer can truly print six colors.
Micro-Processor Control
Sample Print Mode, Missed Shirt Feature, Begin/End Production, Adjustable Print/Flood/Index Delay, Foot- Pedal or Automatic Mode, Single/Double Print Stroke, Registration Head Lamp with Production Counter and Emergency Stop.

Freedom Models Max Print Area Dimensions Production Capacity Air Requirements Power Requirements
6 color 8 station
16 x 18" (41 x 46cm). With every head (Landscape positioning) 30 x18" (76 x 46 cm) 10.5' (3.2cm) 400-500 (30-40 Doz.) per hour 110psi (7.6bar),
22cfm (623 l/m)
Electric: 110V, 50-60Hz, 10 Amps