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Primo Package

The Semi Pro Package

One of the newest and most comprehensive silk screen printing shop packages from the affordable Ranar selection, the Primo package will take you through the complete process of screen printing; from printing your designs onto inkjet film to drying your last tee shirts and completing your job.

The Primo Package is designed around the 6 color 4 station Vista series silk screening Press with tool-free micro-registration, off contact adjustment, platen or stations leveling, screen angle and pitch adjustment.

And when used with the D162 flash dryer, the Vista 6 color /4 rotary stations will allow faster flash curing, when under base printing on dark garments, or increased production using one person to load t-shirts, and unload to the infrared conveyor dryer while the other person prints.

Start Your Business the Right Way

The Primo Package is an affordable package with professional equipment to help you get set up with equipment that offers high quality and durability production rates of 150 to 200 shirts per hour to help your business grow.

The package comes with the XPO2331 Vacuum Screen Exposure Unit. Capable of exposing the increasingly popular 23" x 31" auto frames for larger designs; this unit offers the most requested features among professional screen printers and provides a consistent exposure with the ability to hold very fine lines and halftones.

It also includes the popular 8' long Curestar 4000 conveyor dryer. This infrared unit and its 24" wide belt allows for close to 200 plastisol shirts per hour. This unit is fully insulated, and runs on 220v single phase power for affordable curing with the lowest power consumption (kw/hr).

Do it All!

While most packages cover the basics, the Primo Package goes above and beyond and offers the extra items needed to run screen printing shop successfully.

After creating your designs on the software of your choice, you can print your film positives up to 13'' wide with the Epson 1400 Inkjet Printer included in this package. This quality printer with the Rip software provided will ensure that your film positives are dark enough to provide the highest quality exposures.

Reclaim and Store Screens Properly

And after printing, you'll be looking to reclaim your screens and store them in a place that will help you keep order in your shop as well as get the best possible lifespan from your screens. That's where the Primo Package comes through yet again. The pre-press Econo Washout Booth for the dark room will allow you to reclaim your screens without having to use your garden hose, and the Ranar Job Cart allows you to store up to 12 screens for future use. The job cart also includes a convenient tray for your inks, cleaners, and other loose items that would otherwise add clutter to your shop.

Production rate up to 220 garments per hour with Curestar 4000 dryer

1. V6400 Vista 6 color 4 Station Press

2. Curestar 4000 8' x 24" Conveyor Dryer

3. D162 Flash Dryer

4. Epson Film Output System w/ RIP Software

5. Econo Washout Booth

6. XPO-2331 Screen Exposure Units

7. Cruiser Supplies Package

  • 1 Gal White Ink
  • 1 Gal Black Ink
  • 1 Qt Blue Ink
  • 1 Qt Red Ink
  • 1 Qt Green Ink
  • 1 Qt Yellow Ink
  • 1 Gal Emulsion
  • 1 Franmar Starter Kit
  • 10 Aluminum Screens
  • 4 Squeegees
  • 6 Ink Scoops
  • 1 Scoop Coater
  • 1 Pkg Test Pellons
  • 1 Pkg 8.5 x 11 Imaging Film
  • 2 Cans Spray Adhesive
  • 1 Screen Opener
  • 1 Screen Tape
  • 1 Temperature Gun
  • 1 Training Book / DVD Set
V6400 Vista 6 color 4 Station Press
Curestar 4000 8' x 24" Conveyor Dryer
D162 Flash Dryer

Epson Film Output System w/ RIP Software
Econo Washout Booth
Cruiser Supplies Package

Package Price $9,999.95*
Option #1 (DT422 Turbo Jet Star)Add: $1,500.00
Option #2 (Aluminum Platens UpgradeAdd: $400.00
*Shipping & Crating not included.