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Automatic Screen Printing Press Package

Looking to increase production in your t-shirt printing shop? Grow your business with automated screen printing equipment. The affordable automatic screen printing press, the freedom express 6/8 from workhorse products has 6 colors and 8 stations. The freedom can print up 300 plus t-shirts per hr. To handle the higher production of t-shirts printed, the infrared conveyor belt dryer D-630-3 with a 36" wide belt and 12 ft overall length can cure 300 shirts per hr 1 shirt across the belt, 2 shirts folded 600 pcs. per hr. with plastisol ink. The press is designed to use 20x28 inch frames as well as 20X24 inch manual frames.* We have included 20 of the largest size screen frame 20"x 28" for this automatic press. Taking your manual screen printing shop to the next level is easy with a smooth transition.

We have included in the automatic t-shirt printing press purchase, crating, and 2 day installation and training of the automatic press.

*20x28 size frames gives you 15" max print stroke.
*20x24 size frames gives you 12" max print stroke.

Screen Printing Equipment Options

  • #1- Flash Back System option allows you to add a flash cure unit without sacrificing a color.
  • #2- Screen Exposure Unit the xpo-2331 can handle automatic size screen frames up to 23 X 31 inch available in black light fluorescent or ultra fast LED lights.
  • #3- Turbo Jetstar Conveyor Belt Dryer is a dual purpose dryer it can cure plastisol ink with infrared heat only mode. Turn on the air recirculation system for heat and hot air to dry water based textile inks.
  • #4- Air Compressor and Chiller 7.5 hp option.